The Medical Uses Of Proviron

Despite its initial formulation as a means of treating hormonal imbalances, proviron has been used for the following conditions to great effect.

Proviron As An Antidepressant

After the results of one test showed that proviron may be capable of improving symptoms of depression, many individuals applied it for this purpose.

Though the test wasn’t conclusive (there was just as much of an improvement in the placebo control group) it does stand to logical reason that proviron could help in this capacity.

This is largely because of the androgenic increase it can provide, which in turn can improve male sexual performance / hormonal balance and promote a general feeling of “masculinity” and / or confidence amongst other positive mental traits.

Proviron As A Libido Booster

The effectiveness of proviron as a means of boosting the libido is largely unquestionable due to its ability to enhance the levels of “unbound” testosterone within the body.

Due to the ability of this product to “subdue” SHBG, we’re ultimately left with more testosterone in the body which in turn enhances our libido / sexual “appetite” and fertility capacity.

Proviron And Erectile Dysfunction

There is fair logic behind the application of proviron as a means of curing impotence due to its ability to elevate androgen levels, and some users have reported success when applying it for this purpose to at least a mild degree.

The general thesis thus far is that proviron will prove to be beneficial for the alleviation of impotence if and only if there is a diminished capacity present for producing androgens within the body.

In a normal, healthy functioning body (from an androgen production capacity) it is unlikely that any surplus benefit will be achieved.