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Box of Proviron by Myogen

This unique anabolic steroid reached fame primarily for its protective properties as opposed to its ability to help the user develop lean muscle or “get shredded” as many erroneously assume all steroid types are designed for.

After reading through this profile, you will know precisely how proviron works and why it might be the best option for you either in the middle of your cycle, or after, as a means of protecting you against the potential side effects of steroids.

You will also know where and what to buy - together with what and where not to buy! - in order to provide your body with only the best products from the most trusted suppliers. One like MyoGen Labs and their unique ProviGen (, a slow and steady lean mass gainer but so invaluable during cutting cycles.

What Is Proviron?

Ultimately, proviron is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) based anabolic steroid that allows the user to achieve a number of benefits, ranging from an increase in sperm quality to protection against estrogenic activity and even the enhancement of other anabolic agents currently being used.

It is in no way to be viewed as a product that’s going to provide a great deal of aesthetic benefit - instead, it is to be considered as an excellent means of supporting the body over the course of a cycle.

Dihydrotestosterone And Its Functions

Dihydrotestosterone is a derivative of testosterone - it is sourced from roughly 10% of our testosterone “population” and is used to help establish stereotypical “male” characteristics.

Females also have use for DHT to establish certain aspects of their physicality - the DHT conversion process takes place in the testicles (male) and the ovaries (female.)

Levels of this hormone have been shown to be much lower before the puberty phase kicks in - many believe that DHT is ultimately responsible for the growth of facial and body hair during this all important process as its levels rapidly amplify at this time - at least, this appears to be the case for males.

We know a great deal less about the overall importance of DHT in the female body, but so far we’re progressing towards a conclusion that DHT impacts hair growth in females during the puberty process as it does in males.

Low levels of DHT have been linked with malformed / ineffective genitalia in men amongst other issues. Strangely, despite the fact that DHT SHOULDN’T have a great deal to do with muscle growth, researchers are beginning to see at least some link between this hormone and musculature.

This is perhaps because DHT does have some (though very little) anabolic potential within the body - where it differs to testosterone is that as soon as it enters the muscle cells, it typically gets broken down, thus decreasing its potency.

What many people fail to realise and often overlook is the fact that DHT actually possesses anti estrogenic properties. What this ultimately means is that proviron has enough anabolic potential to keep muscle mass in place, whilst enhancing libido functionality and keeping estrogen at bay.

It might not be the best anabolic steroid out there for those who want to increase muscle mass, but it’s a seriously amazing way to protect your body against the effects of other anabolic agents.

Androgens Role Explained

Androgen isn’t actually one hormone; it’s a group of several, all of which are broadly responsible for the development of male characteristics and sexual activity / performance from a functional perspective.

These hormones bind to what’s known as androgen receptors. These androgen receptors then allow androgenic hormones to bring their effects to fruition. DHT actually possesses five times the binding affinity for said receptors than testosterone, hence why it plays such a prominent part in the development of stereotypical male characteristics.

If testosterone is the primary androgen of choice for the muscles, then DHT is the primary androgen of choice for the body.

Both achieve “masculinity” in their own right through their primary target sites, with one delivering masculine features and the other delivering enhanced musculature / sexual capacity. It’s worth noting that both interweave to a certain extent.

The problem with high levels of testosterone is that “unbound” testosterone (testosterone that hasn’t yet binded to the androgen receptor) can actually be converted into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme.

On balance, the higher our androgen levels are, the higher our capacity is to achieve maximum sexual function and “override” estrogen. What makes proviron particularly useful is that its DHT constitution boosts androgen levels whilst simultaneously helping to nullify estrogen levels.

What this means is that we can achieve maximum “fertility” whilst reducing our chances of estrogenic issues arising in the process - the high levels of unbound testosterone also mean that strength / anabolic capacity is going to be boosted marginally too.

This in turn is going to enhance the effects of any other steroids we may be using.

How Does Proviron Differ From Testosterone?

Anabolic steroid for protection

Box of proviron by A-tech Labs

Ultimately, testosterone and proviron are similar in nature save for the fact that testosterone is going to be able to provide more of a muscle boosting effect whereas DHT is going to be able to provide more of a “masculinizing” effect.

This is simply due to DHT being a testosterone derivative as opposed to being able to fulfil the precise functions of the base testosterone hormone itself.

You need both in order to achieve total “masculinisation” - scientists are trying to determine the possible link between muscle growth and DHT too, as it would seem that DHT’s mild anabolic capacity certainly has an impact on muscle building. How significant this impact is remains to be proven and measured.