Proviron And Anabolic Steroids

Over the course of this section we’re going to discuss proviron doses when this product is used independently and also as part of a stack of “wet” compounds - this will help you to form effective proviron cycles.

Isolated Proviron Dosage

Anabolic steroid for protection

                     Box of proviron by Maha Pharma

Typically, most men will find that an intake of 50 - 150mg per day is adequate enough to achieve the desired spike in androgenic activity / estrogenic protection.

50 would be a great beginner dose, but it’s generally accepted that 100 - 150 is more likely to be needed in order to gain optimum benefit.

Proviron is typically used over the course of 8 - 12 weeks in total duration. There is no need for a higher dose than this as we reach what is known as the natural “saturation” level of the product.

This simply means that no further benefit will be gained from doses in excess of 150 ish mg than those achieved with an intake of this level.

Stacking Proviron With “Wet” Compounds

“Wet” compounds are compounds that typically produce estrogenic side effects in the form of water retention.

We can effectively stack proviron with a multitude of these compound types in order to achieve a wide array of benefits whilst on cycle. These benefits range from dramatic to marginal increases in muscle tissue and strength, along with other aesthetic and internal rewards.

One of the major benefits of stacking proviron with wet compounds is that it can negate their estrogenic element (should there be any), thus helping the compound to “refine” itself and ONLY deliver the anabolic / androgenic properties the user desires it for.

What follows are some excellent stack examples.

Proviron And Nandrolone Stack

We can effectively boost the anabolic / androgenic effects of nandrolone when proviron is present whilst ensuring that the notorious loss of libido associated with this product is dramatically reduced thanks to proviron's anti-estrogenic properties.

It’s also worth noting that the progressive lean gains which nandrolone is fairly well known for are actually possible to an even more potent degree here, due to proviron being able to help negate the very minimal level of water retention that is possible when taking this compound.

Proviron And Testosterone

As previously discussed, this is a winning combination for several reasons because of the manner in which these two compounds enhance one another's effects.

As testosterone can deliver fairly high levels of water retention when taken in high doses, it only makes sense that proviron is going to be an excellent product to combine with it.

You could arguably get away with only running testosterone at a very low level in order to see some great benefits (from both products), but even when it is integrated at higher levels any potential negative issues (water retention) are greatly reduced in significance with the presence of proviron.

Proviron And Dianabol

This is another great combination due to the manner in which proviron can simultaneously boost the anabolic and androgenic effects of dianabol whilst reducing its potential estrogenicity.

This means that you’re in for a stronger AND dryer cycle - ordinarily, dianabol would present fairly high levels of water retention.

Dianabol vs Proviron

Proviron and Dianabol by Myogen Labs

Should You Take An Anti-Estrogen With Proviron?

In truth, you’re unlikely to need to use an exogenous anti-estrogen product if you’re using proviron as it serves as an incredibly powerful means of protecting the body against these issues in its own right.

However, should you be utilising a particularly powerful anabolic stack, then it would prove wise to at least keep some letrozole on hand just in case any gynecomastia symptoms developed, as this condition can “cut through” in some instances despite the presence of proviron.

It’s always better to ensure that you have as much protection on hand as possible at all times in order to avert any potential disasters.

Proviron Can Negate Estrogenic Side Effects
From Other Steroids

Proviron is an incredibly useful means of decreasing the estrogenic side effect potential of other anabolic steroids, hence why we discussed earlier its use with “wet” product types.

When combined with proviron, any anabolic steroids that are stereotypically associated with the development of water retention are suddenly reduced to the low risk category, meaning we can access their benefits without the “undesirable” elements ordinarily associated with them being included.