Proviron In PCT

Proviron has a noteworthy place as part of the PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) phase due to its ability to enhance testosterone levels whilst reducing the body’s estrogen count.

We’ll now outline how and why you’d use this product for PCT purposes.

Testosterone Enhancement


This is perhaps the most obvious reason why anyone would wish to include proviron for PCT - it can effectively elevate testosterone levels, thus allowing us to recover more rapidly from the hormonal suppression we have endured over the course of our steroid cycle.

It should be noted that combining proviron with nolvadex would prove to be an excellent decision, as you’ll be able to restore hormonal output in a more robust capacity.

Why Use Proviron With Nolvadex?

Whilst proviron is excellent for elevating / introducing large surges in testosterone, it isn’t necessarily the best choice for “kick-starting” our normal hormonal processed.

On balance, nolvadex is particularly excellent for this purpose, meaning that its introduction into the PCT phase is necessary if we are to avoid any delays in our innate hormonal abilities reigning supreme again.

Nolvadex also forms a more effective barrier against gynecomastia than proviron does, therefore the combination of the two will counteract any residual estrogenic activity in the most well rounded manner possible.

Using Proviron In Between Cycles

Using proviron in between cycles is an excellent way to ensure that testosterone levels do not drop, despite there being no anabolic steroids present in the system.

You would typically “bridge” in this fashion as opposed to performing PCT - the whole idea behind “bridging” is that you’re essentially filling in the void in between cycles without your hormonal output dropping.

This means you can access all of the benefits associated with “normal” testosterone levels (“normal” sexual appetite / fertility) without actually focusing on regenerating your innate capacity to produce them.

This is an excellent tactic to employ when gaps in between cycles are likely to be very short.

The Proviron "Blast And Cruise" Cycle

Blasting and cruising simply involves using anabolic steroids in a high quantity before, then tapering your intake off and “cruising” at a low intake level over an extended period of time.

When it comes to proviron, you would likely initially combine it with (for instance) products like dianabol and / or a fairly high intake of testosterone for a number of weeks, then simply use proviron on its own once your “main” anabolic use had finished, until you were ready to go “on” again.

This essentially means that you can maintain your anabolic capacity and hormonal output year round, thus keeping muscle mass in place and ensuring that your testosterone levels do not drop.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which product or combination of products you choose to “blast” with, but most people tend to lean towards stronger compounds during this component of their blast and cruise cycle.

The Half-Life Of Proviron

Typically, though the half-life within the body is around the 12-hour mark for proviron, it is actually detectable within the body for 5 - 6 weeks. This can make passing doping tests particularly difficult.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always work with the maximum recorded detection time (6 weeks in this instance) and add one third if you want to ensure that you stand the best chance of passing.

When it comes to proviron, an 8-week wait would without doubt ensure that any traces of the compound have exited your system.